Becoming a Dealer

Sur tango brand in the United States is exclusively distributed by JuliaBella LLC.  JuliaBella is one of the most respected dance shoes online and offline retailer with over 10 years of experience.

At JuliaBella are always looking for active and entrepreneurial people that are passionate about tango and shoes.  We have difference programs for dealers that require either minimum or no initial investment.

Partnership programs

JuliaBella's partnership programs don't require any financial investment or commitment from you.  You don't have to purchase any inventory, you don't have to carry any flyers, you don't have to sell anything.  These programs are designed to give people who love argentine tango additional revenue by doing what we all love the most - dancing tango!   If you are interested, send us an email at and we can start working together the next day!

JuliaBella Affiliate Program

Affiliate program is designed for tango teachers and tango instructors who would like to help their students select shoes or clothing that is right for them.  Everyone who professionally dances or teaches tango knows that there are differences between brands of tango shoes, soles, material.  Some tango shoes are great for long practices but not good for performances, other brands of tango shoes look fantastic of the dance floor and are great and comfortable outside tango.   There are huge benefits and value in that expertise!  At JuliaBella we want our customers select the shoes that are right for them the first time and we can do it with your help.  We understand and value your knowledge!

Virtual Vending Program

If you organize a tango festival or tango milonga of any size Virtual Vender program can be right for you.  

Virtual Vender program to help you get extra revenue without changing your existing vendor list or setting.  As a Virtual Vendor you will receive a unique code that you can give to the participants of your tango festival or milonga. You can put this code as a banner to your event's website, facebook page or email it.   This code will give special discount at Every time this code is used, you will receive a substantial commission.

Send us an email at and lets about working together!