Sur Materials and Special Technology

Creating Sur dance shoes is a complicated multi-stage process.  It starts with creation of a special last, design, selection and procurement of materials, manufacturing and strict quality control.

Creation of Shoes Model Last

Creating a shoes lasts is a mix of art and science.  The picture shoes how a shoe master makes an initial last that has several unique characteristics.  Each shoe last must have unique base width, heel angle, forefoot elevation and length.  All these characteristics should be perfectly balanced in dance shoes.  In fact, creating dance shoes take at least five times longer then creating a basic walking shoe.  This is why all Sur dance shoes are perfect for walking but very rarely walking shoes are suitable for dancing.

Creating a shoes form

Picture of Creating a shoe form

Sur uses 6 shoe last of each size.  It means that at least 48 forms of should be first designed, manufactured then molded and constantly updated.

Table of Sur Shoe Forms and Sizes
 Last Name 34 (US 4) 35 (US 5) 36 (US 6) 37 (US 7) 38 (US 8) 39 (US 9) 40 (US 10) 41 (US 11)







Selection of Leather

Leather quality and consistency is critical in the shoe creation process.  Sur designers work only with best Italian leather manufacturers that can guarantee consistently highest quality of leather.  In most cases Sur will work with local leather manufacturers from Tuscany region.

Cutting natural leather

Picture of leather testing for Sur Shoes

Manufacturing of Sur Shoes

Unlike many other shoes manufacturers Sur does not believe in outsourcing and cutting corners.  All Sur shoes are manufactured in Italy at the shoe factury owned by Sur.  Because of that it should come as no suprice that all Sur tango shoes have consistent highest quality.  There no small details.  All stages of shoes manufacturing are done by shoe makers that have been in shoe making business for several generations.

A special feather that sets Sur shoes apart is their comfort.  Sur uses special memory foam as an additional layer to protect dancers foot.  No other shoe brand in the world was able to find such a perfect combination of memory foam layer insert as Sur. Dancers love it and you will as well.